The (mis) adventures of our (sort of) young family

Q2 Sonogram (Oh Yeah, There IS a Baby in There.)

Today we got to see the baby in the full anatomy sonogram. Wow. So there’s actually a baby in there. It still boggles the mind to think that out of two little cells, Cheryl’s body can MAKE, and I literally mean MANUFACTURE at the cellular level, a person. A living, breathing person who will eventually develop their own will and desires and their own dreams and ideas.

We’ve been told that the second kid will get fewer pictures and blogging, but I find this process just as amazing the second time as the first. Soon a new person will become part of our family,forever. They will, by their simple presence, change the trajectory of our lives thanks to a choice that we have made.

Here are the pictures of Q2. We know you won’t enjoy them as much as we did, but we’d like to share them with you just the same. And no, we didn’t find out the gender. Cheryl will add an update later, but she’s asleep on the couch. It was a long day for her.

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