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What Jordan is Reading: The Moon and the Moon and the Moon

One of the first non-food, non-parent objects that Jordan learned to identify was the moon.  Yeah, you heard me,…the moon. You may not have noticed, but the moon appears rather frequently in children’s books. A kid like Jordan, who has a bizarre talent for finding the smallest and most detailed part of any object, can’t help but notice the omnipresence of the moon.

When he says it, he says “AND the moon.” Sometimes he starts saying it over and over and over. It sounds something like “and the moon and the moon and the moon and the moon.”

So you can imagine what happened when his Grandparents bought him Eric Carle’s Papa Please Buy the Moon for Me.

Eric Carle's Papa Please Get the Moon for Me

Eric Carle's Papa Please Get the Moon for Me

Basically, he went moon crazy. Once again, Eric Carle has produced a book that Jordan finds fascinating. The book is about a young girl named Monica who, taken by the beauty of the moon, decides she wants to play with it. Unable to reach the moon on her own, she asks her father to “please get the moon for me.” And he does it.

As far as I can tell Eric Carle’s books seem to have some gimmick that makes the book more engaging for the kids. In this case the book has large fold out pages to exaggerate the effect of papa getting a ladder to reach the moon. I think this makes the book seem much larger than it is.

Here’s a very interesting animated version of the book. I’ll have to show it to Jordan some day soon.


Jordan loves this book, for now, and I recommend it.


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