The (mis) adventures of our (sort of) young family


Hmm. How Do I Put This…

Mystery Solved? Ok. Let’s go with that.

Cheryl hasn’t been feeling well lately and we’ve been a little concerned. So Cheryl went to the doctor and the OB nurse checked her out and took some blood  to run some tests. They also scheduled a doctor’s appointment a month ago in order to review the blood tests and to look and see what the source of the problem was. 

Well, the actual appointment finally happened today and we have figured out what the problem was…

Q2 Sonogram 1


Q2 Sonogram 2


Q2 Sonogram 3

Hmm. So,…mystery solved.

Our family is growing by one member. Q2 is 11.5 weeks old and is a few days from being out of the first trimester. (We were so far along we figured we go ahead and tell everyone.) Jordan will be a big brother and change is afoot. We’re very excited and are looking forward to this pregnancy. 

Just to be clear, we only found out about this this morning and our surprise has been deep and delightful. And we did fail a pregnancy test.

The only downside so far is that our cruise that we were planning this summer is now off. Cheryl already had a countdown to the cruise on her wall calendar in the office. But that’ll just give us ammunition for when Q2 gets older and we need a good dose of guilt.

Now we’ve got our experience behind us and don’t have to go to diaper changing classes and don’t need bottle warmers.

Stay tuned for the adventure. The arrival date is 08/26/2009.