The (mis) adventures of our (sort of) young family


Quick Overdue Apology

David, I would just like to take a moment to apologize for cutting your hair all the time when we were kids. Really, I’m kind of surprised in hindsight that I didn’t get caught much sooner in the process – Mom must not have been hyper-alert to those types of things yet. But I saw a photo today of a friend’s son who had cut his own hair and thought, “Wow. At least he cut his own and not his brothers’!”

So there. A long overdue apology. I promise I always strove to make you look as beautiful as my Barbies. Maybe G-d made you bald for your first couple years of life to keep me from getting to you earlier!


See? You always looked fine from the front. I always stuck to the back.

See? You always looked fine from the front. I always stuck to the back.

Thanks, Mardi Gras

I would just like to take a moment and thank Mardi Gras for reminding me of my complete lack of artistic talent.

As I’m sure you all did in your Corporate America jobs last Tuesday, our fun committee celebrated Mardi Gras by bringing together two important Mardi Gras traditions: mask making and ice cream floats. (Okay, like you, I’m not sure where they got the ice cream float part either, but at least they were trying.) In order to get your ice cream float, you first had to pass through mask-making world.

Being both completely inept with crafts and very good with ice cream presented quite a dilemma. I figured with even big ole’ Willie playing along and making a mask, I could suck it up and try. But I have to tell you, my heart was beating like my seventh grade art teacher just asked me to draw something in front of the class. I couldn’t help but empathize with my brother Jeremy, because all I wanted to do was play sick and go to the nurse’s office until mask making was over.

Well, in the end, my mask sucked royally. And I still hate art. I wanted this story to have some redeeming ending where I could say I got over some fear or that a year of design class in college made me a better artist, but nope. I have spent years trying to hide it, trying to overcome it, but I just shouldn’t be allowed near anything fancier than a doodle. My ice cream tasted great though.

I brought the mask home to show Jordan, who threw it behind the couch. I guess Allen is right about him developing an artistic eye early on in life.

Approximation of what my mask looked like since mine is behind the couch.

Approximation of what my mask looked like since mine is behind the couch.

Jordan the Netizen Finds Peanut Butter Jelly Time

I know you guys are not necessarily up on (or even interested in) Internet "culture." But there’s this thing that went around the Internet a couple of years ago called "Peanut Butter Jelly Time." Don’t ask me why or how. These things just happen.

Anyway, Jordan overheard this one and no matter what he’s doing, it gets his attention–every time. He bolts upright and starts looking for where the song is coming from.

Anyway, thought that I’d share it with you because it even cracks us up after all this time.

Office Picture of the Day

I guess you have to be careful of what you ask for. There is a such thing as too much light at your desk. My poor wife trying to work under the light of a thousand florescent suns.

A Little Late, but The Police (Still) Rock.

Just before Cheryl’s operation we decided to give ourselves a treat by going to see the Police in concert at Nationwide Arena. We’d been chasing those tickets for a year and finally got a chance to get a couple.

It was a great way for us to get out (thanks to Cheryl’s parents who took care of Jordan) and not worry about the surgery schedule for the next day.

All I have are crappy phone camera images from the show, but I’ve got pictures!



Signage: Unintentional Meaning

There’s only one sign in this post,…but boy is it a doozie!

I remember a few years back when I was driving to my job at Crawford Communications. This was before I met Cheryl. I saw this truck and did a complete double take and then spent the remainder of the morning laughing. As a graphic designer I’ve worked with logos before. If I had been working on this project, I would have advised the client to stay away from a logo that looked like someone’s bent over butt shooting you the moon especially if your company’s name happens to be Georgia Medical Gases!


Fun at the Grocery Store

Cheryl and I read this awesome blog called the Sneeze. In it a guy named Steve chronicles the oddities of his life in hilarious detail including his relationship with his kids. His best stuff comes from a recurring piece called “Steve, Don’t Eat It.” One of my favorites is where he eats a BLT made of Beggin’ Strips. Now that’s comedy.

He did a bit a while back that made Cheryl and I laugh a lot about cheap/knock off cereal boxes. This post is not at all an attempt to rip off his bit. For starters, I’m not half as funny as Steve is. Secondly, I love crazy signs and this seems like an extension of that. Thirdly, nobody reads anything that I write anyway.

In any case, I just happened to be in the Kroger the other day and saw some cereal boxes and bread wrappers that made me crack up and I wanted to share them with you.