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Not everything is cute anymore…including Burger King commercials

Today is the first day I can say Jordan did something that was uncute, the complete opposite of cute. The three of us were having a Kodak moment, lying together on the couch watching Star Trek Voyager. When we went to get up, we realized that something yellow and wet had escaped one of us and attacked the sofa. At that moment, I realized Jordan had finally done something I could in no way find cute. Sure, the couch was washable (though he had chosen MY spot to hydrate), but this was officially yucky.

It was made yuckier by occurring during yet another commercial I hate. That commercial, as Allen knows, is the newest Burger King commercial. This is the one where our children learn that moms who are bad at making sandwiches want to kill people who are good at it. We also learn that Burger King sandwiches are especially worth killing over because they’ve discovered the impossible-to-duplicate act of buttering the bread. Mom #2 in the commercial is especially incensed by this tremendous culinary breakthrough. It’s a good thing I never saw this commercial as a child, or I would have had to live in fear that my PB&J on toasted bread might have led my mother to hire someone to take me out before my siblings caught wind of it. Oh Burger King, why do you stray from what we love about you? Commercials that clog our arteries through the television by showing us beautiful images of Whoppers, Whopper Juniors and Double Whoppers with Cheese.