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Breast Cancer 3-Day

This post is way later than I expected it to be, and it’ll probably be shorter than I would’ve liked, but look to the next post for why (someone doesn’t like to sleep).

For those of you who have been hiding in a hole the past few months, I decided to participate in the Cleveland Susan Komen Breast Cancer 3-Day in August. Three days, sixty total miles of walking, and every participant raises $2200 for breast cancer research and support. Thanks to everyone who donated to me and especially to my brother, David, who issued a last minute call-to-arms to all his friends, I finished raising the $2200 the day before the race. Then it was just about making it through the walk.


Uncle Ken Takes Jordan to the Columbus Zoo

Well, actually we all took Jordan to the Zoo. Ken is here visiting with us from Boise. Its a beautiful day here in Columbus and we decided it would be great to take Jordan out to the zoo. We were accompanied by one of Cheryl’s coworkers and her coworker’s kids.

Needless to say, Jordan was very impressed with the Rhinoceros. He was also impressed with the paper napkins that he ate. So we figure that he has a little way to go before he can truly appreciate the animals. But he still had a great time. He really did enjoy the fish–particularly the rays.

DSC02024 DSC02019 DSC02010 DSC01982

Ken served as hat wrangler for Jordan who wore his first summer hat that his grandmother GG gave him when she came up from North Carolina. It was windy and Jordan had figured out how to take the hat off.

DSC01962 DSC01960 DSC02029 DSC02028

We’re looking forward to more of the holiday weekend with Uncle Ken. Ken and Christopher hit it off really well.


And Jordan got to see his favorite baby sitter.


We got a picture with Christopher with the Silverback Gorilla that just previously banged on the glass in front of him.


All in all it was a great day. We can’t wait to take Jordan back.

A Little Late, but The Police (Still) Rock.

Just before Cheryl’s operation we decided to give ourselves a treat by going to see the Police in concert at Nationwide Arena. We’d been chasing those tickets for a year and finally got a chance to get a couple.

It was a great way for us to get out (thanks to Cheryl’s parents who took care of Jordan) and not worry about the surgery schedule for the next day.

All I have are crappy phone camera images from the show, but I’ve got pictures!