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We’re Moving to Columbus!

Well, it’s official. The Smiths are moving from Atlanta to Columbus (the Ohio version, not the Georgia version). I have taken a job with the Schottenstein Property Group that starts on December 31, so we have three weeks to pack our entire house and move. That’s pretty terrifying for both of us and has definitely kept us up at night lately…with Jordan’s help, of course. We also have to get our house ready to sell. (more…)

Permanent Announcement: Getting an email when there’s new news

If you want to get an email to tell you when there’s a blog update, instead of having to check back all the time or use an RSS feed, you can Subscribe To Posts. Look on the top toolbar, right above these blog posts, where it says “Home,” “About,” “Photos” and “Subscribe to Posts” and select “Subscribe to Posts.” Then enter your email address. The system will send you a confirmation email to that address, and you’ll even be able to choose the topic categories for which you want to receive notification for new posts.