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Still kickin’…

Just wanted to apologize for not having anything super-incredible to post about lately. We are still looking at houses, Jordan is still growing up ridiculously fast and getting over a cold, and work is still work. After surgery and plenty of fantastic friend visits, we are seeking and finding solace in our daily routines. I always thought they were for Jordan, but I’ve learned they are just as much for me.

We are staying away from town this weekend because it’s apparently a bunch of OSU and high school graduations and a track meet. Oy. Maybe we’ll tackle the pile of laundry our tired selves keep letting build up, or maybe we’ll just try to nap after Jordan’s super-hungry attack all last night.

I am training for my 60 mile walk for breast cancer with Allen and Jordan by my side. Some of you have promised donations – “Uncle” Ken and G-ma, you’d better get your tushes over to and donate. Don’t get shown up by Nicole, David and Aleah (and Lucy!), who made a very generous contribution just this week.


Jordan has a floating bath toy that sprays water straight up in the air. It is a turtle. He has been named Tito. Jordan likes to pick him up, only to get sprayed in the face. Tito rocks. Today, I ordered a Tito 2, just in case Tito 1 has some sort of accident.

DSC01827 DSC01822

Jordan has a loofah friend. He is a frog embedded in a loofah. The name on his tag when we got him was Frankie. Jordan likes to eat Frankie, then make a face about the taste, then eat Frankie again.


Jordan also likes to eat carrots. We did not know that everything touched by baby food carrots will be orange forever and ever. Jordan likes to touch everything when he is eating carrots.


I wish I could say our lives were more exciting than this, but they’re really not. We’re learning what routines are and about the beauty of six hours of continuous sleep. We’re cheering for Ohio State (yay! we’re the 65th best basketball team in the nation!) and watching way less TV. I think the saving grace is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of excitement to get great pictures out of a baby. We’ll have to be careful over Passover, though, since everyone in our family takes a ton of photos, and we all have the exact same camera. No, I’m not kidding. It’s really the same camera. We know ours as the one with the sticker off, so you all better still have your stickers on!

The Cost of Sanity is $99.95 ($94.95 with coupon)

Allen and I learned the cost of sanity this week, and that cost was the $94.95 we paid for our bouncing, rocking exersaucer thing. Jordan will spend what seems like forever pressing the buttons and talking to the little toys attached to it. We have now eaten meals, had discussions, even washed dishes while he entertained himself. It has been a beautiful, beautiful development.

There is one feature they don’t mention on the box, and that’s the fact that bouncing, rocking and standing nicely causes pooping, even when pooping is difficult that day. It’s like a beeping, flashing laxative.

Jordan has cut his first tooth, which is awesomely cute. It makes me a bit thankful I’m not breastfeeding, too, because even that little tooth bud is sharp. He also had his first bottle of Propel water today and liked it so much he decided to learn to hold the bottle so he could get it down faster!

DSC01627 DSC01625

We had a snowy, icy storm today that kept me from getting to work. After half an hour of driving, I hadn’t made it one exit on the freeway. That didn’t seem very safe, so I had my first work-from-home day. Judging by the lack of missing cars in the parking lot, everyone else in our complex decided the same thing. I am loving Columbus, though, and I think Allen feels similarly. Jordan hates hats, but he likes the cold.

The home stretch

Here we are, less than a week away from leaving Atlanta for a new life in Columbus, and things seem pretty scary. There’s so much packing to do, and Jordan keeps us constantly busy. I’m very sad because I feel like we won’t have much of a Christmas. Already, we’ve had to forgo our tree to keep that space free for boxes. I’m sure it’s all worth it, but I didn’t ever picture Jordan’s first Christmahanukwanzakah having no meaning or ritual to it. It feels kind of like the Thanksgiving night when we were eating Slim Jims in the car on the way to Cleveland.

We have gotten some awesome cards from friends with kids that always make me smile. Allen should be writing a post on Christmas Movie Day sometime soon, but the photos of everyone hanging around eating and talking are already in the gallery.

DSC01424 (Photo of one of the Link twins from Xmas movie day. I think he was trying to smile for the camera.)

Jordan has worn his Christmas outfit with Hanukkah bib to a few parties, and I think he’s a fan of lighting the Menorah.

Well, my lunchtime is almost over. It’s about 1:30, and we get out of work for the holiday weekend at 2 today, so I have almost successfully made it through my second-to-last day. Now we’ll just have to see if I can navigate through Buckhead and all the people crashing on the freeways to get home.

Serendipity Strikes! The Sneeze.

Ok. So here’s the story. From day one Jordan has done this funny little sneeze that Cheryl and I (and last night our chiropractor) have been the only people to witness. You never know when a sneeze is going to come, so its almost impossible to get on video. Well today, serendipity struck.

While recording some video for Cheryl to see of Jordan being hypnotized by the black and white pole in his seat, the sneeze came. Now, just like everything that we witness, it’s possible that all babies do this. However, I’ve never seen it, and I’m betting that you haven’t either. If you have, leave a comment with your story. We’d love to read it!

And now ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, the sneeze.


Remembering Jordan’s Kung Fu Hands

Had this video of Jordan’s hands doing kung fu without him a few weeks ago. He’s definitely made progress. It’s amazing how much he’s changed in just a few weeks.


We’re still waiting for official detente.We’ve been told that it won’t come for months.

Yahoo Sports Pick’em Confusion: Where are the Browns fans?

Okay, I’m a bit confused.

Why am I the ONLY person who picked Cleveland to win when they are having one of the best seasons that they’ve had in a while. I’m not even from Cleveland!

Family where’s your hometown team spirit?! I can forgive Nicole for picking Pittsburgh, but the rest of you guys…I must say that I’m a bit disappointed.

Oh wait. I think I understand now. I just found a blog called “The Disappointment Zone: Musings of a Cleveland Sports Fan”

Well, maybe if all goes well, they’ll beat the Pittsburgh Steelers today and you’ll all be well on the road to recovery from years of disappointment. Until then, I guess I have to cheer the team on. 🙂

Go Browns!

Not everything is cute anymore…including Burger King commercials

Today is the first day I can say Jordan did something that was uncute, the complete opposite of cute. The three of us were having a Kodak moment, lying together on the couch watching Star Trek Voyager. When we went to get up, we realized that something yellow and wet had escaped one of us and attacked the sofa. At that moment, I realized Jordan had finally done something I could in no way find cute. Sure, the couch was washable (though he had chosen MY spot to hydrate), but this was officially yucky.

It was made yuckier by occurring during yet another commercial I hate. That commercial, as Allen knows, is the newest Burger King commercial. This is the one where our children learn that moms who are bad at making sandwiches want to kill people who are good at it. We also learn that Burger King sandwiches are especially worth killing over because they’ve discovered the impossible-to-duplicate act of buttering the bread. Mom #2 in the commercial is especially incensed by this tremendous culinary breakthrough. It’s a good thing I never saw this commercial as a child, or I would have had to live in fear that my PB&J on toasted bread might have led my mother to hire someone to take me out before my siblings caught wind of it. Oh Burger King, why do you stray from what we love about you? Commercials that clog our arteries through the television by showing us beautiful images of Whoppers, Whopper Juniors and Double Whoppers with Cheese.

I Hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial

There’s not much to this post, except to say how much I hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial. I don’t know why, but this commercial is ridiculously louder than any other commercial on television. TV has gotten me through the first weeks of motherhood, and I cannot tolerate hearing this thing again. It even wakes Q up it’s so loud.

Other week ending thoughts:

Why is it that you can have a burp cloth over your shoulder, yet the baby will still manage to throw up on your shirt? It’s like they have an advanced targeting system or something.

Why is it the best tasting beverages are all bad for you? Beer? Bad. Coffee? Bad. Dr. Pepper? Bad, especially when your brother makes it.

Why do cats only want to sit in your lap when you have something else to do or something else already in your lap? Charlie has recently taken to trying to sit on top of Jordan in my lap on the couch.

Finally, Alan, this is what Jordan was doing when we were on the phone the other night:

Q Photos 032

UPDATE: Last question: why would two girls they’re calling the Bratz Bandits rob our Publix? That’s not very nice and kind of disconcerting.

UPDATE 2 (from Allen): Cheryl forgot to mention that we also have the “Barbie Bandits” and the “Blue Jean Bandits.” It seems Atlanta is full of very colorfully named bandits.

Having Kids Makes You Soft

Jordan is barely a month old, and I’m already going soft. I have decided that I have major issues with commercials for R-rated movies that run all over television. They may not show the really graphic things that wouldn’t allow them to be “approved for all audiences,” but they are still often scary and disturbing.

Current worst offenders? Saw IV and 30 Days of Night. Because we’re just feeding and diaper changing machines right now, we’re watching a lot of TV. These commercials are on constantly. Ignoring the fact that both movies look terrible, I would be very upset to see my kids watching a show and come across these creepy commercials. I’ve seen them during almost every show, including daytime talk and court shows.

I understand people want to advertise their movies so people come and see them, but do I have to keep Little J from watching any television to avoid him seeing these things? When will technology allow us to parental lock out commercials as well as channels and shows? And when will they stop making these terrible suspense/horror films that all have the same plot?

Adventures in Grocery Shopping

Well, I left the house on my own for the first time today. We needed more buns for our stock of hot dogs, which taste just as good now as they did when pregnant. It was fantastic to get some sun and air (we also took our first walk today too), but I also understand now why you get a few weeks off after having a kid. I was ready for a nap when I got home.

I am so glad to have Allen helping me. He’s a natural Daddy, and Jordan loves him almost as much as I do. Allen has the magic touch with burping and getting Little J to sleep. Luckily, I still find myself useful when it comes time to clean up poop.