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Q2 – My Two Cents

Well, Allen promised I would do an update while I was sleeping, so I guess I’m a little obligated. Since he got all mushy and big picture, I’ll add the fun little details.

Here’s a lovely bulleted list of things we learned yesterday:

  • Q2 is what both our doctor and now the ultrasound tech call “super fast” and “very active.”
  • Q2 is extremely flexible. He/she first appeared on the scan with feet over the head and arms behind the neck.
  • Riverside Hospital seems pretty nice. Every time they validate your parking, you can be sure they’re charging you an arm and a leg for the service you’re receiving.
  • Dr. Mingione read our ultrasound and was very funny. He said our OB swears like a sailor and is old enough to be his mother.
  • Our OB admits to swearing but not to being old enough to be Dr. Mingione’s mother.
  • Q2 does not have my nose. At least, that’s according to the ultrasound tech, who might have just been humoring me.
  • Q2 pees on command.
  • Seeing ten fingers and ten toes provides more relief than I could’ve imagined.

We did not find out the gender, but since Allen seems set on the name “Megatron” for a boy or girl, it probably doesn’t matter. And we got to have lunch together, which was like an afternoon date complete with mediocre Damon’s food and lots of laughing. All in all, a fantastic day.

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Quick Overdue Apology

David, I would just like to take a moment to apologize for cutting your hair all the time when we were kids. Really, I’m kind of surprised in hindsight that I didn’t get caught much sooner in the process – Mom must not have been hyper-alert to those types of things yet. But I saw a photo today of a friend’s son who had cut his own hair and thought, “Wow. At least he cut his own and not his brothers’!”

So there. A long overdue apology. I promise I always strove to make you look as beautiful as my Barbies. Maybe G-d made you bald for your first couple years of life to keep me from getting to you earlier!


See? You always looked fine from the front. I always stuck to the back.

See? You always looked fine from the front. I always stuck to the back.

Jordan Meets Pink Floyd. Emerges Unscathed.

If you’re a parent, you know that there is a lot of really bad children’s music out there. If you’re not a parent, just try to watch 5 minutes of an episode of Barney and you’ll get what I mean. What parents will tell you is that bad music has a terrible “multiplier effect” because kids listen to music over and over and over again inserting the lyrics deeply into your brain without your knowledge or permission.

Who among you have been caught at work or in some sensitive situation singing absentmindedly….

I love you. You love me.
We’re a happy family.
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you,
Won’t you say you love me too.

Don’t lie! You know you parents have all done it at some point.

A bad piece of kids’ music will–and I’m not making this up–melt your brain.

Here’s a secret that no one will tell you about kids’ music. Kids don’t require their music to be crappy in order for it to be enjoyable to them. So we look for music that we can all enjoy as a family and that can begin to give Jordan some idea about the cultural importance of good music. We’ve learned that even the most simple and “juvenile” music can still be really great.

One series that we have found to be generally good is Rockabye Baby! which adapts rock music to children’s lullabies. We’re currently listening to Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Pink Floyd.

Jordan has loved it,..and so have we.

Here’s an excerpt of “Speak to Me/Breathe” from the Rockabye Baby CD.


For those of you who don’t remember what the original of this song sounds like…


Now I know that it might seem a little weird that my kid is now listening to music as a lullaby that was previously used back in the day as the mood creation for some fun but illicit activities. (I know you haven’t forgotten what you used to do to this song.)

But I think that we can all agree that Dark Side of the Moon is one of the greatest albums that has ever been made and to be able to introduce it to Jordan in this way has been great for us.

The Pink Floyd lullaby renditions are rich without being complex. They manage to capture the spirit of the original music without being depressing or too dark (as many of us may recall from our more adult encounters with Pink Floyd).

The Rockabye Baby! series is very big and includes music from Bob Marley, The Cure, The Eagles, Green Day, Radiohead, Coldplay, and The Beatles with future releases of Stevie Wonder, Prince and David Bowie.

They’re not all great and in some cases maybe a bit superfluous. Cheryl makes a great point that you don’t really need a lullaby version of The Beatles. But I think that they are a great way to introduce your kids to the music that really represents the true bedrock of our musical culture without having to suffer dancing purple dinosaurs.

We have also purchased a Rockabye Baby! Lullaby Renditions of Radiohead recently and will do a review of that when we get a chance.

(The music on the page is owned by the respective copyright holders)

Follow the picture to Amazon if you want to buy.