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Sleep anyone?

I know it’s been a long time since we’ve posted, but now I’m going to post about why it’s been a long time since we’ve posted. Jordan is an exciting, fun kid who makes our lives so much better. He turns one on September 28, and the time has just flown by, as all of you said it would.

So now we’re back for round two of advice and our first “whining post” in awhile. Jordan does not do that sleep thing like babies are “supposed” to. That whole 10 hours they’re supposed to start doing? The six month point where it’s supposed to “turn the corner?” Yeah, not so much.

We have made progress. Jordan has been sleeping in his crib for a few months now (he used to scream bloody murder just seeing his crib), and we can put him down to bed after his story and small bottle. But he just won’t make it through the night. Most nights, he doesn’t even make it past midnight before he wakes up the first time. If we don’t go get him, he either: a) screams until he throws up all over or b) screams until we think the neighbor who shares Jordan’s wall is going to call the cops on us.

He tries to sleep. When we go in to check on him when he starts screaming, he will lie down and try to shut his eyes and sleep. He will try over and over, but especially at the 3am wakeup, he just can’t do it.

HELP!!! We love Jordan and want him to get sleep as much as we desperately need a night or two of sleep ourselves. We have tried Ferber (neighbors make this difficult), we have tried Supernanny. We have even given him Benadryl when he had hives and still had him getting up at 3am.

You all have kids – what do you think? What have you done? Any reasons other than being stubborn or not needing a lot of sleep that he could be doing this?

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