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Thanks, Mardi Gras

I would just like to take a moment and thank Mardi Gras for reminding me of my complete lack of artistic talent.

As I’m sure you all did in your Corporate America jobs last Tuesday, our fun committee celebrated Mardi Gras by bringing together two important Mardi Gras traditions: mask making and ice cream floats. (Okay, like you, I’m not sure where they got the ice cream float part either, but at least they were trying.) In order to get your ice cream float, you first had to pass through mask-making world.

Being both completely inept with crafts and very good with ice cream presented quite a dilemma. I figured with even big ole’ Willie playing along and making a mask, I could suck it up and try. But I have to tell you, my heart was beating like my seventh grade art teacher just asked me to draw something in front of the class. I couldn’t help but empathize with my brother Jeremy, because all I wanted to do was play sick and go to the nurse’s office until mask making was over.

Well, in the end, my mask sucked royally. And I still hate art. I wanted this story to have some redeeming ending where I could say I got over some fear or that a year of design class in college made me a better artist, but nope. I have spent years trying to hide it, trying to overcome it, but I just shouldn’t be allowed near anything fancier than a doodle. My ice cream tasted great though.

I brought the mask home to show Jordan, who threw it behind the couch. I guess Allen is right about him developing an artistic eye early on in life.

Approximation of what my mask looked like since mine is behind the couch.

Approximation of what my mask looked like since mine is behind the couch.

Quick update

I’m on borrowed time, since Allen needs to prepare for an interview tomorrow, but I wanted to put up some new photos of Jordan (since you’re asking for them).



Jordan in his 18-month Ohio State outfit, courtesy of his Uncle Alan. The booties are already too small!

More photos below the fold…


The home stretch

Here we are, less than a week away from leaving Atlanta for a new life in Columbus, and things seem pretty scary. There’s so much packing to do, and Jordan keeps us constantly busy. I’m very sad because I feel like we won’t have much of a Christmas. Already, we’ve had to forgo our tree to keep that space free for boxes. I’m sure it’s all worth it, but I didn’t ever picture Jordan’s first Christmahanukwanzakah having no meaning or ritual to it. It feels kind of like the Thanksgiving night when we were eating Slim Jims in the car on the way to Cleveland.

We have gotten some awesome cards from friends with kids that always make me smile. Allen should be writing a post on Christmas Movie Day sometime soon, but the photos of everyone hanging around eating and talking are already in the gallery.

DSC01424 (Photo of one of the Link twins from Xmas movie day. I think he was trying to smile for the camera.)

Jordan has worn his Christmas outfit with Hanukkah bib to a few parties, and I think he’s a fan of lighting the Menorah.

Well, my lunchtime is almost over. It’s about 1:30, and we get out of work for the holiday weekend at 2 today, so I have almost successfully made it through my second-to-last day. Now we’ll just have to see if I can navigate through Buckhead and all the people crashing on the freeways to get home.

Thanksgiving ’07: Bigger, Louder and 200% More Babies!

Well, we’ve arrived at the end of another turkey day and things couldn’t have been greater. Except there was no Turkey Bowl this year at the Rothstein’s.

Oh wait, maybe that’s what made it better.


Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

We’re waiting on everyone to arrive, but we’ve got on our Thanksgiving duds!