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New Feature: Laughing

For those of you who haven’t been following, Cheryl and I have been using “The Baby Owner’s Manual” to diagnose and care for our new baby.

I would like to announce that our unit has a new feature–laughter.

Now for weeks this baby has demostrated that it is excellent (and getting better) at crying. However, one morning just before getting our unit dressed and ready for the day, I turned on the looney toons mobile that his Uncle Alan–seen below eating a different baby–got for Jordan’s cradle.

Alan Eating Aleah

He was looking at it and just started laughing. So I just hung out feeling exhilarated about watching this little person “come online” one aspect at a time and that I would be around to watch and even help. He’s still best at crying though.

So without further ado…Jordan, laughing.