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I Hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial

There’s not much to this post, except to say how much I hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial. I don’t know why, but this commercial is ridiculously louder than any other commercial on television. TV has gotten me through the first weeks of motherhood, and I cannot tolerate hearing this thing again. It even wakes Q up it’s so loud.

Other week ending thoughts:

Why is it that you can have a burp cloth over your shoulder, yet the baby will still manage to throw up on your shirt? It’s like they have an advanced targeting system or something.

Why is it the best tasting beverages are all bad for you? Beer? Bad. Coffee? Bad. Dr. Pepper? Bad, especially when your brother makes it.

Why do cats only want to sit in your lap when you have something else to do or something else already in your lap? Charlie has recently taken to trying to sit on top of Jordan in my lap on the couch.

Finally, Alan, this is what Jordan was doing when we were on the phone the other night:

Q Photos 032

UPDATE: Last question: why would two girls they’re calling the Bratz Bandits rob our Publix? That’s not very nice and kind of disconcerting.

UPDATE 2 (from Allen): Cheryl forgot to mention that we also have the “Barbie Bandits” and the “Blue Jean Bandits.” It seems Atlanta is full of very colorfully named bandits.