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Half-way point.

Its been 12 hours since the start. Cheryl is at 6-7 cm dilated, -1 station. The epidural has kicked in and let me tell you something, it is amazing. The contractions on the monitor have gone insanely high (see picture below), but Cheryl is just about to drift off to a little nap. Thank God for modern medicine. That active labor stage was beginning to look ugly.

Monitoring the contractions

She’s on oxygen to make sure that the baby is doing fine. Otherwise, we’re in a bit of a down phase. I’m about to take a little nap and then in 15 minutes Dr. Hood will come back in to see where we are. I guess the pushing will start in the next couple of hours or so.

More to follow…

Looking Back at April

I was dumping a few things off of the camera and had forgotten about this little gem.