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Q2 – My Two Cents

Well, Allen promised I would do an update while I was sleeping, so I guess I’m a little obligated. Since he got all mushy and big picture, I’ll add the fun little details.

Here’s a lovely bulleted list of things we learned yesterday:

  • Q2 is what both our doctor and now the ultrasound tech call “super fast” and “very active.”
  • Q2 is extremely flexible. He/she first appeared on the scan with feet over the head and arms behind the neck.
  • Riverside Hospital seems pretty nice. Every time they validate your parking, you can be sure they’re charging you an arm and a leg for the service you’re receiving.
  • Dr. Mingione read our ultrasound and was very funny. He said our OB swears like a sailor and is old enough to be his mother.
  • Our OB admits to swearing but not to being old enough to be Dr. Mingione’s mother.
  • Q2 does not have my nose. At least, that’s according to the ultrasound tech, who might have just been humoring me.
  • Q2 pees on command.
  • Seeing ten fingers and ten toes provides more relief than I could’ve imagined.

We did not find out the gender, but since Allen seems set on the name “Megatron” for a boy or girl, it probably doesn’t matter. And we got to have lunch together, which was like an afternoon date complete with mediocre Damon’s food and lots of laughing. All in all, a fantastic day.

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