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Thank You Easter Bunny…Bawk, Bawk!


What a whirlwind weekend. After looking at a couple of houses (more about that later), we threw some things in the car and dashed off to Cleveland for Easter. It was our first trip there since we moved to Ohio and boy, is it a boring one. There is nothing between the two cities but dirt. And a lot of that was covered with snow.

First we went to a special and solemn religious ceremony on Saturday night for our brother David. We got there late of course. I think people with kids are deducted about 15 minutes of time per child from what they were able to do before. We normally ran about 15 minutes late before Jordan, so we were a total of a half hour late.

The fun began on Easter Sunday with Jordan and his Uncle Jeremy having a bit of Bob Evans together. Jordan likes to use his two teeth to munch on the banana bread. I told Cheryl he couldn’t have country fried steak until he had at least four teeth.

DSC01763 DSC01765 DSC01766

Then we headed out to David and Nicole’s home where Jordan and his cousin Aleah got to meet in a more…let’s say coherent state.

At Thanksgiving, they were mostly two ships passing in the night, since both of them were still in the “fourth trimester.” This time they were two ships trying to avoid a collision–aware of each other’s presence, but barely managing to avoid demolishing each other with their kung fu action chopping arms and hands.

DSC01777 DSC01778 DSC01775 DSC01776

DSC01774 DSC01814 DSC01811 DSC01812

As it turns out, Jordan, despite his seriousness, is quite impressionable and picked up a couple of things from his Uncle Alan at Thanksgiving.

Alan Eating Aleah DSC01779

There might actually be a picture of Jordan with his mouth locked onto Aleah’s head.

I guess we already know what kind of influence we can expect Uncle Alan to be. We’ll return the favor when he has his own kids. Luckily, no actual babies where harmed during this Easter holiday.

Finally, the obligatory bunny ears came out. These will definitely come in handy when these two turn into teenagers and start taking themselves too seriously. Aleah’s were massive and I think Jordan might have had a bit of bunny ear envy.

DSC01798 DSC01794 DSC01792 DSC01788


The trip back was hard. The traffic was everywhere and Jordan was so far off schedule that we had to stop a couple of times to put him back together post meltdown.

All in all though, it was a good time. There are a ton more pictures in the gallery.

It’s a bit late and we just wanted to get these pictures up before we went to bed so we’ll have to wrap it up for tonight.

To all of you who celebrate it, Happy Easter.

Thanksgiving ’07: Bigger, Louder and 200% More Babies!

Well, we’ve arrived at the end of another turkey day and things couldn’t have been greater. Except there was no Turkey Bowl this year at the Rothstein’s.

Oh wait, maybe that’s what made it better.


David’s School Bus Fantasy Redux

In honor of the coming one year anniversary of last Thanksgiving–before any of us had kids and were getting sleep–I dug up this video of David describing what he would do if he could do anything with his free time.


I think there’s some actual video of him driving some kids to school.

Talk about dedication.

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Photos of the new niece

Here are some photos of our beautiful niece, Aleah, courtesy of her proud father. You can click on them to make them bigger.

Awake Aleah Sleepy Aleah Gma and Aleah

Welcome Aleah Grace Rothstein!

Welcome Aleah!

The Smith family wishes a hearty congratulations to David and Nicole. And Jordan would like to officially welcome Aleah to the world. We’re so happy for you guys and can’t wait for Jordan to meet his cousin. We’re so glad to know that everyone is doing well.

Just try to ease through the sleep deprivation.

It’s the Final Countdown! (Cue music)

Well, David and Nicole are finally in the hospital having this baby. Like us, they’ve got the pitocin and the epidural running, which should ensure they have a memorable experience. We are excitedly awaiting news of the official birth of our sure-to-be-beautiful niece. David and Nicole, we love you and are with you in spirit. We’ll update this when we know more.

Football Picks

I’d just like to say that I’m still having fun with football picks this year, but it was much more fun last year when the whole Ross-Rothstein-Smith clan was playing. It’s one thing for four or five of us to kick Snealio’s butt, but it’s much more enjoyable when we’re all doing it. Andrea, Mom, did you chicken out on us? And Daniel, what happened to you after about week two? Without the whole group, it seems like it’s just the usual: Allen and Nicole duking it out to beat the rest of us in yet another pool.

Next year, we’re going to let Jordan pick as well, so the rest of you better get yourselves together. And Arizona, the next time you’re going to lose two quarterbacks in as many games, if you could let me know before I pick you to win, I’d appreciate it.