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Catching up a bit.

The past few weeks have been absolutely insane. As you know, we decided to escape Atlanta before they ran out of water and came to Columbus, Ohio. Serendipitously, it puts us closer to family as well. The move has been one of the most difficult things that I’ve had to do in a while. Trying to pack our house and take care of Jordan at the same time was extremely difficult. There were times when I thought to myself “why don’t we just stay here,” but we reached the half-way mark where it would have been as much trouble to undo the packing that we had done than to just keep going forward.

We then had to pack as much of what we owned in a 26 foot truck with the help of 1 neighborhood kid, attach a Nissan Altima to it and then do an 8 hour drive through sporadic rain in 12 hours with a baby who needs fairly frequent stops for feeding and diaper changes.



TV and Babies

Even though Jordan is still small, I am starting to become more and more conscious of what’s on TV when he’s in the room. He seemed like a little blob for most of the first two months, so I didn’t think twice about watching anything with him in the room. In this last month, though, he seems to be understanding things, even if it’s not in a concrete way.

Last night, I was watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. It was at the end of the movie, when Harry faces Voldemort, and Voldemort’s creepy snake face filled the screen. Jordan took one look and became very agitated. He kept looking at the screen and then looking back at me with his lip out, as if to say, “Mommy, do I have to look at that scary guy?” That same day, he sat at rapt attention and watched an entire episode of Pee Wee’s Playhouse without getting bored.

Maybe I’m being silly, and it’s just a coincidence. And if he would sit on his own without one of us right on top of him, it wouldn’t be as much of an issue. What do all you people out there with kids already do? Do you just stop watching TV you like? The Sarah Connor Chronicles just started, and I would really miss CSI. Is this just a part of growing into parenthood?

I think American Idol is safe. We’ll see what he does when people sing badly – maybe he’ll be some kind of baby singing barometer.

Disclaimer: Yes, we do other things with Jordan besides watch TV, but with a baby in snowy January in a new city…we promise to get out more once we can meet more people and learn to drive in the snow again.


Happy New Year!

We hope everyone had a wonderful new year. Allen and I are in that stage in life/familyhood where we woke up to watch the ball drop, kissed each other, and rolled back over to go to sleep. We drank our festive toast the next night, when we were more awake. Jordan didn’t care much for watching the ball drop, but he has been enjoying all the bowl games he gets to watch on HDTV.

Our move was ridiculously stressful, but we managed to get ourselves and at least some of our stuff up to Columbus. I would be very happy not to have to drive through Chattanooga ever again, since people seem to crash into each other or guardrails every time we need to drive through. I will say that you haven’t lived unless you’ve been inching along in traffic, driving with your left hand, while feeding a baby in the backseat with your right. Allen would probably say you haven’t lived unless you’ve driven through a construction zone with no shoulders in a 26′ Penske truck with an Altima attached to the back of it.

Alan, Daniel and Jeremy came to help us unload everything and were both amazing and hilarious. They kept challenging each other as to who could lift what, and then we all learned what happens if you don’t get all the water out of the washer before moving it. Perhaps next time they’ll tilt it up instead of down when navigating the stairs. We all went to a little dive bar in the shopping complex across the street and had surprisingly good chili cheese fries. There was some great 80’s hair to be seen, as is usually the case in Ohio local bars.

I’m sure we’ll write more and post some new photos soon, but we just figured it would be good to update the blog to say, yes, we’re in Columbus now and that we arrived with ourselves and our stuff relatively undamaged. Also, I wanted to be able to ask if anyone knew that they didn’t know how to plow the roads here in Columbus?

The Secret Life of Baby Hands

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like babies hands have a different agenda than the baby.

We’ve been watching Jordan and he is not getting along with his hands at all–and they aren’t getting along with him either.

Each time I put something that Jordan really wants in his mouth in front of him, he acts exactly as expected. He opens his mouth and gets excited. Yet whenever the object in question begins heading for his mouth, his hands completely block the path of least resistance. Sometimes they go directly in the mouth filling it up and making it impossible for anything else to get in there at all. Its even more surprising that the hands will even push things away that he actually wants.

When he’s falling asleep they will frequently attack, startling him into tears. They scratch him and even poke him in the eye on occasion!


Blog Thank You – Bruce, Peter and Olivia

One more thank you for today – we have been LOVING our stroller frame. It’s so much lighter and easier to deal with than a full, regular stroller. Since we have to take the infant seat everywhere anyway, it’s simple to just sit it in the stroller frame and roll Jordan around. Since he loves the outdoors (what side of the family did THAT come from?!), we are very happy to have this great mode of transport. Plus, he always falls asleep as soon as we start walking.


Digital Thank You Note – Vivian, Charles and Griffin

We wanted to say a quick thanks to our great friends, Vivian, Charles and Griffin, for the basket of books and other goodies (including a Nemo blanket) for Jordan. As you can see, Jordan is already enjoying mice and strawberries!

Q Photos 013 Q Photos 015

What Happened to Napping?

You know, in the hospital, we had problems because Jordan was so sleepy that he wouldn’t even stay awake to eat. He continued to sleep all the time the first two weeks home, prompting people to tell us we had a very good, quiet baby. I still think we have a super-terrific-awesome baby, but he’s started to be awake more. I’d say he’s cut out at least two of his three-hour naps a day now. That’s six hours of time we used to have that’s now gone to having to hold, talk to and play with the Q-ster. Allen is much better at finding things to engage the two of them (last time, I found myself singing the Oscar Meyer bologna song over and over), but it’s more having lost the time during which we washed dishes, made phone calls and ran to the grocery store that’s hard for me.

I’m hoping this is just a short phase, and that a few naps start sometime soon again. The only stretch longer than about 90 minutes that he’s sleeping right now is 8-10:30am…and you better believe we’re sleeping then, too!

Grandparents Visit

Our parents from the north arrived on the same day that we arrived from the hospital. From Cleveland, arrive G-ma and G-pa. I realize as we’re driving home that we’re not going to get a chance to do the “straighten up” routine so that we get to feel like neater people than we actually are.

Updates? Ok.The trip home.

I’ve been told that people are waiting for updates. So here’s a try to get something up quickly.

The people at the hospital were very nice but a bit on the “poke and prod side.” In fact even after we got finished signing all the paperwork and I went to get the car, some person in charge of some aspect of the anesthesiology department came to check to see how the epidural was.