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Weave Saves Woman from Bullet. News at 11.

Ok. I’ve been laughing at this since Cheryl told me about it early in the day. I had absolutely no idea that a weave could stop a bullet. Wouldn’t it be nice to think about all of the historical figures who might still be with us today if only they’d had weaves: JFK, MLK, Gangstalicious.

Signage: Is Florida the Capital of Freaky Signs?

During our road trips, we frequently see signs that cause us to stop, pull out our camera and take a picture. I figured since I’m up at 3 in the morning–and Jordan won’t let me go back to sleep–I’d start pulling some of them out for you to see.

Florida seems to be a hot spot. We travel a lot through Florida since much of our family has migrated there. Over time I’ve begun to wonder if Florida is the freaky sign capital of the world.

Here’s a collection of signs that we both found during our trips to and from Florida, many of them in a single town–Lake City, Florida.

Daniel Crapps Real Estate
returnfromtrip 014

Yes. Somewhere in Lake City, Florida the United States, there is a guy named Daniel Crapps. I am not making this up. Not only does Daniel Crapps refuse to change his last name (I guess he thinks that Crapps is good enough) but he also has decided to put it on a billboard large enough and bright enough that it can probably be seen from just about anywhere in Lake City. If you live in Lake City and you don’t know Daniel Crapps, you don’t know sh$%.

This guy probably has a business card too. God, I’d love to have one of them.