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Hmm. How Do I Put This…

Mystery Solved? Ok. Let’s go with that.

Cheryl hasn’t been feeling well lately and we’ve been a little concerned. So Cheryl went to the doctor and the OB nurse checked her out and took some blood  to run some tests. They also scheduled a doctor’s appointment a month ago in order to review the blood tests and to look and see what the source of the problem was. 

Well, the actual appointment finally happened today and we have figured out what the problem was…

Q2 Sonogram 1


Q2 Sonogram 2


Q2 Sonogram 3

Hmm. So,…mystery solved.

Our family is growing by one member. Q2 is 11.5 weeks old and is a few days from being out of the first trimester. (We were so far along we figured we go ahead and tell everyone.) Jordan will be a big brother and change is afoot. We’re very excited and are looking forward to this pregnancy. 

Just to be clear, we only found out about this this morning and our surprise has been deep and delightful. And we did fail a pregnancy test.

The only downside so far is that our cruise that we were planning this summer is now off. Cheryl already had a countdown to the cruise on her wall calendar in the office. But that’ll just give us ammunition for when Q2 gets older and we need a good dose of guilt.

Now we’ve got our experience behind us and don’t have to go to diaper changing classes and don’t need bottle warmers.

Stay tuned for the adventure. The arrival date is 08/26/2009.

Chicken Little

Until about two weeks ago, Jordan was not a fan of meats. He didn’t want anything to do with any baby food that had meat in it, even when we tried to hide it under some sweet potatoes or carrots. Relentless in our quest to make our little one a meat-o-saurus, we tried everything. But Jordan was much happier eating garlic rolls at the Damon’s than turkey, rice and vegetables out of the jar.

Then one day, Jordan started taking food off other kids’ high chairs at daycare and eating it. In this feat of tallness, he discovered his best friend Drew’s chicken nuggets and ate them all. Now, I think he’s in danger of becoming a chicken nugget. He eats three a meal, lunch and dinner. If you don’t give him nuggets, he sits there and yells. If you have no chicken nuggets, the only other placating item is Townhouse crackers.

So after all our hard work had no effect whatsoever, Mr. No Meat has become Chicken Little all on his own. There’s probably a lesson in this, but since he’s still not sleeping through the night, we’re too tired to find it.

(Food note: He also tried hot dogs, but he went so crazy over them that we were worried he’d choke and put them away for another couple of weeks. And I mean crazy, like won-the-lottery crazy or when-he-almost-catches-one-of-the-cats crazy.)

The Beauty of Family

Well, it’s 4 am and I’m up again because Jordan is up.

He’s not a particularly good sleeper and I’m afraid that–despite the benefits of daycare–the seemingly endless cycle of colds and sickness that he drags home doesn’t make the situation any better. Every time we get him into a good rhythm, he gets sick and wants to sleep on or with us and then gets more demanding when its time for him to return to his crib as he gets better.

Jordan is particularly sensitive to music and sound. The other night as he literally wrestled to avoid sleeping, I watched Cheryl practically hypnotize him just with the gentle sounds of her voice. It was one of the most beautiful things that I’ve seen.

The love of a mother for a child expressed in the soothing tones of singing and quiet whispers was a powerful thing to witness. It reminded me of the moment that I fell in love with Cheryl. I’d heard her use this voice in a similar way at the beginning of our relationship and I knew that it could only come from someone with a deep and caring soul.

Of course, the moment didn’t last and neither did Jordan’s calm. It was bedtime and I had to take him to his crib so that he could work this sleeping thing out.

I put him in his crib. He clearly didn’t want me to leave. So I kneeled on the floor and we watched pictures of the moon and stars from his night light projector mobile dance across the wall.

We sat in the room together cheek to cheek as the light from the projector softened the darkness in the room and the sounds of twinkle twinkle little star came from the little projector. He would lay his head on my shoulder, then turn back to watch the stars go by.

I remembered thinking how much I loved this little person who couldn’t even talk to me. I remembered thinking that I didn’t want this moment that we were sharing to ever end. I remembered thinking how I would want to protect him from the bad things in life. And I remembered that we would both get older as time went by and that one day our roles might be reversed as I might look to him for comfort.

Then I thought about how beautiful life is now with my family, despite the day to day grind that the routine of it can be and I was thankful for the moments that I had seen and been a part of that night. And I couldn’t imagine that it had ever been any different.

Jordan didn’t sleep well that night either, but it didn’t matter.

Uncle Ken Takes Jordan to the Columbus Zoo

Well, actually we all took Jordan to the Zoo. Ken is here visiting with us from Boise. Its a beautiful day here in Columbus and we decided it would be great to take Jordan out to the zoo. We were accompanied by one of Cheryl’s coworkers and her coworker’s kids.

Needless to say, Jordan was very impressed with the Rhinoceros. He was also impressed with the paper napkins that he ate. So we figure that he has a little way to go before he can truly appreciate the animals. But he still had a great time. He really did enjoy the fish–particularly the rays.

DSC02024 DSC02019 DSC02010 DSC01982

Ken served as hat wrangler for Jordan who wore his first summer hat that his grandmother GG gave him when she came up from North Carolina. It was windy and Jordan had figured out how to take the hat off.

DSC01962 DSC01960 DSC02029 DSC02028

We’re looking forward to more of the holiday weekend with Uncle Ken. Ken and Christopher hit it off really well.


And Jordan got to see his favorite baby sitter.


We got a picture with Christopher with the Silverback Gorilla that just previously banged on the glass in front of him.


All in all it was a great day. We can’t wait to take Jordan back.


Jordan has a floating bath toy that sprays water straight up in the air. It is a turtle. He has been named Tito. Jordan likes to pick him up, only to get sprayed in the face. Tito rocks. Today, I ordered a Tito 2, just in case Tito 1 has some sort of accident.

DSC01827 DSC01822

Jordan has a loofah friend. He is a frog embedded in a loofah. The name on his tag when we got him was Frankie. Jordan likes to eat Frankie, then make a face about the taste, then eat Frankie again.


Jordan also likes to eat carrots. We did not know that everything touched by baby food carrots will be orange forever and ever. Jordan likes to touch everything when he is eating carrots.


I wish I could say our lives were more exciting than this, but they’re really not. We’re learning what routines are and about the beauty of six hours of continuous sleep. We’re cheering for Ohio State (yay! we’re the 65th best basketball team in the nation!) and watching way less TV. I think the saving grace is that it doesn’t take a whole lot of excitement to get great pictures out of a baby. We’ll have to be careful over Passover, though, since everyone in our family takes a ton of photos, and we all have the exact same camera. No, I’m not kidding. It’s really the same camera. We know ours as the one with the sticker off, so you all better still have your stickers on!

Jordan goes mobile and learns to love Propel

This weekend, Jordan decided to steal my Propel and drink directly from it. He didn’t want it in a cup or a bottle, and he didn’t care that he was pouring it all over himself. He just wanted as much of it in his face as possible. For all those interested, it was Kiwi-Strawberry flavor. I had always taken him for a Grape man myself, but I was clearly mistaken. He just cracked me up though, sucking on the side of the bottle.

DSC01714 DSC01715

Jordan has also learned to scoot across the floor backwards on his stomach, apparently for quite a distance. We have only anecdotal daycare evidence about distance, but we have seen the backwards phenomenon in a small area ourselves. Now, he can’t move forwards or understand why he’s going backwards, so he ends up caught in a lot of corners, but he’s officially on the move. Our only respite is that he still can’t flip over from back to front (that we know of), so we can still flip him over like a turtle to run to the bathroom or grab a snack. It’s exciting, though, that he’s learned to move, and he looks pretty funny doing it, too.

Jordan’s Favorite Toy

Jordan has firmly established his favorite toy. We’ve been putting things in front of him and shaking and jiggling them and he sometimes reacts and sometimes he doesn’t. You may be surprised at what his new favorite toy turned out to be.


Jordan has Brontosaurus-itis

At least, the name sounds something like Brontosaurus-itis. Our little one has his first official illness, and Allen got to experience our first urgent care visit. They gave us an inhaler for him and told us it would make him a little hyperactive which, for those of you who know Jordan, wasn’t really a necessary enhancement. But he’ll get better over the course of this next week and has already decided to share the love by giving it to Allen. There’s really no avoiding getting sick from a baby, though, because all they do all day is slobber all over you, and you’re constantly having to put your hands in their faces…and if you’ve never gotten a straight on face-full-o’-sneeze, well, you’re a lucky parent.

On the plus side, we did get his official weight, since we’d just been guessing it was somewhere between a case of beer and Mary Kate Olsen. Jordan is officially 8.3 kilograms (for those of you who can’t convert that to metric in your heads, it’s basically 18 1/2 pounds). So he’s developing nicely. We have some new photos in the “Jordan getting bigger” photo gallery on the Photo Gallery page.

DSC01550 DSC01588 DSC01589

Note from Allen: The Brontosaurus-itis is actually bronchiolitis.

The home stretch

Here we are, less than a week away from leaving Atlanta for a new life in Columbus, and things seem pretty scary. There’s so much packing to do, and Jordan keeps us constantly busy. I’m very sad because I feel like we won’t have much of a Christmas. Already, we’ve had to forgo our tree to keep that space free for boxes. I’m sure it’s all worth it, but I didn’t ever picture Jordan’s first Christmahanukwanzakah having no meaning or ritual to it. It feels kind of like the Thanksgiving night when we were eating Slim Jims in the car on the way to Cleveland.

We have gotten some awesome cards from friends with kids that always make me smile. Allen should be writing a post on Christmas Movie Day sometime soon, but the photos of everyone hanging around eating and talking are already in the gallery.

DSC01424 (Photo of one of the Link twins from Xmas movie day. I think he was trying to smile for the camera.)

Jordan has worn his Christmas outfit with Hanukkah bib to a few parties, and I think he’s a fan of lighting the Menorah.

Well, my lunchtime is almost over. It’s about 1:30, and we get out of work for the holiday weekend at 2 today, so I have almost successfully made it through my second-to-last day. Now we’ll just have to see if I can navigate through Buckhead and all the people crashing on the freeways to get home.

A very good morning

I had a very good morning this morning. I sat at the edge of the bed as the light started to stream into the room and watched as Allen and Jordan lie there sleeping, Jordan looking like a tiny version of his father. They were both so peaceful, making everything very still for a few hours in a time that is so crazy for us. I don’t know how long I sat there, or even whether it really was quiet around us, but it felt like time just stopped.

I feel very blessed to have gotten this sunrise surprise this morning. I thanked a lot of people on this blog this week – all but the most important. Allen is my rock, the love of my life, my best listener and the wisest man I know. He is the best Dad in the universe, and every day he gets up and does the hardest job in the world. Jordan is this catalyst that takes my life and makes everything about it sweeter and more intense. You two are so wonderful to me, and this morning, you reminded me why I want to help give us all a better life.



Sunshine Sunday!

After receiving a spontaneous invite for brunch from our friends Bruce and Peter, we went over to have a relaxing Sunday morning and to see Olivia. She sure has grown a bunch and definitely has a mind of her own! We can remember when she was just a little bitty baby girl.

DSC01328 DSC01334 DSC01325 DSC01323


New Feature: Laughing

For those of you who haven’t been following, Cheryl and I have been using “The Baby Owner’s Manual” to diagnose and care for our new baby.

I would like to announce that our unit has a new feature–laughter.

Now for weeks this baby has demostrated that it is excellent (and getting better) at crying. However, one morning just before getting our unit dressed and ready for the day, I turned on the looney toons mobile that his Uncle Alan–seen below eating a different baby–got for Jordan’s cradle.

Alan Eating Aleah

He was looking at it and just started laughing. So I just hung out feeling exhilarated about watching this little person “come online” one aspect at a time and that I would be around to watch and even help. He’s still best at crying though.

So without further ado…Jordan, laughing.


Thanksgiving ’07: Bigger, Louder and 200% More Babies!

Well, we’ve arrived at the end of another turkey day and things couldn’t have been greater. Except there was no Turkey Bowl this year at the Rothstein’s.

Oh wait, maybe that’s what made it better.


Happy Turkey Day Everyone!

We’re waiting on everyone to arrive, but we’ve got on our Thanksgiving duds!


Serendipity Strikes! The Sneeze.

Ok. So here’s the story. From day one Jordan has done this funny little sneeze that Cheryl and I (and last night our chiropractor) have been the only people to witness. You never know when a sneeze is going to come, so its almost impossible to get on video. Well today, serendipity struck.

While recording some video for Cheryl to see of Jordan being hypnotized by the black and white pole in his seat, the sneeze came. Now, just like everything that we witness, it’s possible that all babies do this. However, I’ve never seen it, and I’m betting that you haven’t either. If you have, leave a comment with your story. We’d love to read it!

And now ladies and gentlemen, for your viewing pleasure, the sneeze.


Not everything is cute anymore…including Burger King commercials

Today is the first day I can say Jordan did something that was uncute, the complete opposite of cute. The three of us were having a Kodak moment, lying together on the couch watching Star Trek Voyager. When we went to get up, we realized that something yellow and wet had escaped one of us and attacked the sofa. At that moment, I realized Jordan had finally done something I could in no way find cute. Sure, the couch was washable (though he had chosen MY spot to hydrate), but this was officially yucky.

It was made yuckier by occurring during yet another commercial I hate. That commercial, as Allen knows, is the newest Burger King commercial. This is the one where our children learn that moms who are bad at making sandwiches want to kill people who are good at it. We also learn that Burger King sandwiches are especially worth killing over because they’ve discovered the impossible-to-duplicate act of buttering the bread. Mom #2 in the commercial is especially incensed by this tremendous culinary breakthrough. It’s a good thing I never saw this commercial as a child, or I would have had to live in fear that my PB&J on toasted bread might have led my mother to hire someone to take me out before my siblings caught wind of it. Oh Burger King, why do you stray from what we love about you? Commercials that clog our arteries through the television by showing us beautiful images of Whoppers, Whopper Juniors and Double Whoppers with Cheese.

I Hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial

There’s not much to this post, except to say how much I hate the Associated Tax Relief commercial. I don’t know why, but this commercial is ridiculously louder than any other commercial on television. TV has gotten me through the first weeks of motherhood, and I cannot tolerate hearing this thing again. It even wakes Q up it’s so loud.

Other week ending thoughts:

Why is it that you can have a burp cloth over your shoulder, yet the baby will still manage to throw up on your shirt? It’s like they have an advanced targeting system or something.

Why is it the best tasting beverages are all bad for you? Beer? Bad. Coffee? Bad. Dr. Pepper? Bad, especially when your brother makes it.

Why do cats only want to sit in your lap when you have something else to do or something else already in your lap? Charlie has recently taken to trying to sit on top of Jordan in my lap on the couch.

Finally, Alan, this is what Jordan was doing when we were on the phone the other night:

Q Photos 032

UPDATE: Last question: why would two girls they’re calling the Bratz Bandits rob our Publix? That’s not very nice and kind of disconcerting.

UPDATE 2 (from Allen): Cheryl forgot to mention that we also have the “Barbie Bandits” and the “Blue Jean Bandits.” It seems Atlanta is full of very colorfully named bandits.

Happy Halloween Contest!

Happy Halloween!

I don’t know about you, but when I was in elementary school, I remember the school would often have a giant pumpkin and a contest where you would guess the weight of the pumpkin…or when there was no good pumpkin, they’d have you guess the number of candy corns in a jar.

Well, we here at have our own giant pumpkin contest. So please, guess the weight of our pumpkin:

Q Photos 034

He was just weighed today at his one month appointment, so we have exact numbers. Leave a comment in the Comments section of this post to guess. The prize is a secret. More angles of the pumpkin available below for accurate weight guessing:

Q Photos 037 Q Photos 035

Q Photos 039Q Photos 041

Could we need sleep?

I think it’s possible we might need a little sleep. First, it was Allen telling me he’d be downstairs in a minute, after he put his “pantsies” on. Then, I tried to cut my fingernails with the pacifier that was sitting next to my clippers. Would you guess it didn’t cut all that well?

Punctuate that with us learning why adults don’t have snaps on their clothes (not so easy to do at 4am, trust me) and not being able to remember the last day we left the house, and we’ve got plenty of things to laugh at ourselves about. We laugh at Jordan too, especially because he has this awesome sneeze series where he sneezes twice and then does an almost-sneeze that comes out like the cross between a sigh and a yell. We’ve been trying to get it on tape, but we’re always grossly unprepared.

At least Jordan looked cute today in the outfit from his Grandma Eileen. And he went all afternoon only puking once on it. Note there are size 1 diapers under this outfit – we graduated from size N last week.

Q Photos 026Q Photos 025Q Photos 031

Jordan has a favorite toy

Jordan has started to be able to focus some on objects. The hands, while still at war with the rest of his body, once in awhile work with him in order to let him enjoy a toy. For some reason, he has chosen his bath ducky as his favorite object right now.

DSC01057 DSC01058

The Secret Life of Baby Hands

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but it seems like babies hands have a different agenda than the baby.

We’ve been watching Jordan and he is not getting along with his hands at all–and they aren’t getting along with him either.

Each time I put something that Jordan really wants in his mouth in front of him, he acts exactly as expected. He opens his mouth and gets excited. Yet whenever the object in question begins heading for his mouth, his hands completely block the path of least resistance. Sometimes they go directly in the mouth filling it up and making it impossible for anything else to get in there at all. Its even more surprising that the hands will even push things away that he actually wants.

When he’s falling asleep they will frequently attack, startling him into tears. They scratch him and even poke him in the eye on occasion!


Blog Thank You – Bruce, Peter and Olivia

One more thank you for today – we have been LOVING our stroller frame. It’s so much lighter and easier to deal with than a full, regular stroller. Since we have to take the infant seat everywhere anyway, it’s simple to just sit it in the stroller frame and roll Jordan around. Since he loves the outdoors (what side of the family did THAT come from?!), we are very happy to have this great mode of transport. Plus, he always falls asleep as soon as we start walking.


Digital Thank You Note – Vivian, Charles and Griffin

We wanted to say a quick thanks to our great friends, Vivian, Charles and Griffin, for the basket of books and other goodies (including a Nemo blanket) for Jordan. As you can see, Jordan is already enjoying mice and strawberries!

Q Photos 013 Q Photos 015

MVPs of the first three weeks

After three weeks of baby life, there are a few products that I would put on our list of MVPs – Most Valuable Products. They include:

  • My Brest Friend – worst name ever, awesome product for feeding. Way better than the Boppy because it clicks into place all the way around you, so you can actually stand up with it on and the baby on it, kind of like a shelf.
  • Cloth diapers – for all the wiping of spit and whatnot, these things are everywhere in our house and super useful. Thanks, Melanie and Leslie, for the ones you gave us!
  • Dr. Brown’s bottles – we tried Avent, First Years and Second Nature, but Jordan has much less gas on the Dr. Brown’s than any of the others.
  • Bottle drying rack – Whew! We were trying to keep our bottles in our regular drying rack, but spending less than $10 at Target for one of these has made our lives better as we seem to be cleaning bottles every hour. (more…)